Food & Beverage Services
Male Student Eating noodles
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Our Mission

To ensure that the campus food services provide a wide range of affordable, sustainable and nutritious food options to our community through excellent service, commitment to our environment and celebration of food to reflect our diverse community.

Foodservices on the St. George campus are a combination of independent and institutional foodservice providers which are overseen by the department of Food Services. In addition to these, there are other foodservice providers overseen by different colleges.

At Food Services, we offer programming that reflects our values: Diversity, Service, Community, Commitment, and Celebration. In addition to overseeing cafeterias and dining halls, we provide meal plans for students and staff,  ensure that equipment and furniture are well maintained, run a Halal Standards program, and organize festivals and events to bring the community together over a meal.

At Beverage Services, we provide the means to license events on the St. George campus via the UofT liquor license or our caterers’ endorsement. Our liquor license covers the St. George campus, excluding federated colleges, the Faculty Club, GSU, Hart House (with exception of the theatre), and Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre.

Food Services and Beverage Services are part of the division of Ancillary Services.