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Server Training Program

Effective January 1, 2016, The University of Toronto St. George campus will discontinue its Server Training Program for alcohol servers. The training will be replaced with a combination of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) endorsed “Smart Serve” program, and a streamlined University training session which will not require a written test.

Beginning in January 2016, a valid Smart Serve card will be needed to serve alcohol on the St. George campus**. This will include staff employed by Beverage Services, as well as volunteers and staff from other departments previously granted permission to serve alcohol on the St. George campus liquor license. Supplementary training on campus alcohol rules and regulations will also be provided: for Beverage Services staff this will take the form of on-the-job training, and for volunteers and staff from other areas it will involve attending a special session hosted by the Beverage Manager or designate. Such sessions will be scheduled throughout the year. Smart Serve does not require regular recertification, but the University-specific training will need to be refreshed annually to ensure up to date understanding of campus practices and legislation.

Please note that the change in server training requirements does not change any requirements related to licensing space for alcohol service. Beverage Services must still receive and approve all requests for events involving alcohol, and alcohol must still be purchased on the University’s license, by placing the order with Beverage Services. Catering staff from external catering companies must still be supervised by Beverage Services staff and must show valid Smart Serve cards to distribute alcohol (via table or tray service).

**Any staff or volunteers who are currently in possession of a valid Server Training certificate will not be required to obtain a Smart Serve card until their Server Training certificate expires.

Battle of the Wings
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Each year, Chestnut Residence hosts “Battle of the Wings“. 600 hungry students eat 1200 lbs of wings, and vote for their favorite one.

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